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Funeral Arrangements

In times of loss, flowers offer solace and a timeless tribute to cherished memories. At Primrose & Poppies, we specialize in crafting bespoke floral arrangements tailored to honour the lives of your loved ones with grace and reverence.


Our online shop showcases simple funeral wreaths and arrangements, while our expertise extends to creating personalized tributes that reflect the unique spirit of each individual. For more intricate or custom requests, we invite you to contact our shop directly. Our compassionate team is dedicated to guiding you through this sensitive process, ensuring every detail reflects your heartfelt sentiments.


Let us accompany you in honouring the legacy of your loved ones with thoughtfully crafted floral tributes that speak volumes when words fall short. Together, we'll create a meaningful farewell that celebrates a life well-lived.

Double Ended Casket Spray Flower Arrangement

Double Ended Casket Spray 

From £100

A double-ended casket spray is a large, ornate floral arrangement that spans the length of a casket, serving as a poignant tribute during funeral services. These sprays are carefully crafted by our floristry team, to reflect the personality and preferences of your loved one, often incorporating flowers like roses, lilies, and carnations.

Single Ended Casket Spray Flower Arrangement

Single Ended Casket Spray

From £80

A single-ended casket spray is a traditional funeral tribute, covering one end of the casket, often chosen by close family or friends. Personalized with flowers reflecting the loved one's personality, it offers sympathy and support. Our florist team crafts these sprays with lilies, roses, and carnations, symbolizing purity, love, and sorrow.

White Flower Wreath With Red Rose Corsage

Massed Wreath with Red Rose Corsage

From £50

A massed wreath with a red rose corsage is a classic and elegant floral tribute, often used for funerals to express deep respect and remembrance. The white of the massed wreath symbolizes peace and purity, while the vibrant red roses represent love and grief. These wreaths are available in various sizes, with the option to personalise the message and the ribbon to reflect the sentiments of the bereaved.

Classic Wreath Flower Arrangement

Classic Wreath 

From £45

A classic funeral wreath is a deeply symbolic and traditional choice for honoring a loved one's memory, embodying the eternal cycle of life and offering solace to grieving family and friends. Crafted with care and reverence, each element of the wreath serves as a poignant tribute to the unique life and legacy of the individual being commemorated, providing a comforting symbol of remembrance and respect during a difficult time.

Funeral Flower Letters saying Mum

Massed Letters Tributes

£40 per Letter

Massed letter tributes are a deeply personal and respectful way to honour a loved one. Floral arrangements in the shape of letters, typically using white chrysanthemums, and can spell out names or meaningful words. These tributes are carefully crafted by our skilled florist team, who can tailor the colours and flowers to suit individual preferences or to reflect the personality of the person being remembered. The thoughtful selection and arrangement of these tributes can offer a touching visual expression of love and remembrance during a time of loss.

Funeral Flower Number saying 7

Mixed open Letters and Numbers

From £50 per Letter/Number

Mixed open letters tribute are a heartfelt and visually stunning way to honour someone's memory, often seen at funerals or memorial services. These tributes are crafted with a variety of fresh flowers. Our Florist team can customise these arrangements with preferred colours and flowers, ensuring that the tribute is as unique as the individual it commemorates. Such a personalised gesture can provide comfort to those grieving, serving as a vibrant reminder of a life well-lived and deeply loved.

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