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Introducing our Parma Violet Wax Melt, a fragrant journey inspired by the delicate charm of Parma Violets. Crafted to evoke nostalgia and sweetness, our wax melt promises to fill your space with the enchanting aroma of these beloved floral confections.


Immerse yourself in the soft and floral scent of Parma Violets as you melt our wax. With each use, this delightful fragrance envelops your room, transporting you to a whimsical world of sugary bliss and fragrant blooms.


Formulated with care, our wax melt releases its captivating aroma gradually, allowing you to enjoy the subtle sweetness of Parma Violets throughout your home. Its lingering fragrance creates an atmosphere of comfort and nostalgia, reminiscent of carefree days and cherished memories.

Parma Violets Wax Melts

  • 70g

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