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Introducing our Snow Fairy Wax Melt, a whimsical blend of sweetness inspired by the enchanting scent of spun sugar and fruity delights. Crafted to evoke the magic of winter wonderlands and sugary dreams, our wax melt promises to infuse your space with the delightful aroma of a fairy-tale fantasy.


Immerse yourself in the sugary sweetness of spun sugar, accompanied by the juicy essence of peach, cherry, raspberry, and pear as you melt our wax. With each use, this enchanting fragrance fills your room, transporting you to a world of magical delights and sugary bliss.


Formulated with premium ingredients, our wax melt releases its captivating aroma gradually, allowing you to enjoy the sweet scent of Snow Fairy throughout your home. Its lingering fragrance creates an atmosphere of joy and wonder, inviting you to embrace the whimsical charm of fairy-tale fantasies.

Ice Queen Wax Melt

  • 70g

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