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Introducing our Elegance Wax Melt, a refined fragrance inspired by the iconic allure of Chanel No. 5. Crafted to evoke sophistication and timeless beauty, our wax melt promises to infuse your space with the captivating aroma of understated elegance.


Immerse yourself in the luxurious blend of floral and musky notes as you melt our wax. With each use, this sophisticated fragrance fills your room, enveloping you in an aura of confidence and grace reminiscent of a classic Hollywood starlet.


Formulated with precision, our wax melt releases its alluring aroma gradually, allowing you to savor the elegant scent of Elegance throughout your home. Its lingering fragrance creates an ambiance of refinement and sophistication, inviting you to embrace the essence of timeless style and grace.

Elegance Wax Melt

  • 70g

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